The Best Nootropics for Focus and Memory

Although nootropics by their very nature generally have a positive impact on the user’s cognitive performance, it is important to be aware that different types focus on various factors. For example, some nootropics are more likely to make people feel energized while improving their memory, but others can have a sedative effect that makes them a good choice for people ... Read More »

Phenylpiracetam 101

Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic (substance that improves mental function) that is very similar to, but 30 to 60 times stronger than, piracetam. Oddly enough, piracetam has been banned for use as a dietary supplement by the FDA, but phenylpiracetam is still available. Forms Phenylpiracetam takes three basic forms: the R-isomer (effective for stimulatory and mental improvement), the S-isomer, which is ... Read More »

Brain Stack Review

I was contacted by one of the founders of Maven Labs, wanting to know if I’d be interested in trying their new product/new formula of Brain Stack. Of course, I accepted the offer.   While I waiting for the product to ship, I exchanged some emails with Paul(co-founder of Maven Labs). During these exchanges it gave me sometime to pick his brain about ... Read More »

Shroom Tech Sport Review

Today I will be reviewing a slightly different product. Although it is not technically a “nootropic” by standard definition, it is something worth at least trying. ShroomTech Sport was formulated to help in the energy department. It is made by Onnit Labs, the same company that makes Alpha Brain(read that review here) . Before I go into all the details of ... Read More »

Focus Factor Review

I’m sure most of you if not all of you have heard of Focus Factor. It has been around for quite a while now and was one of the first things that got me into Nootropics, and learning more about supplements to help improve memory and concentration. Focus Factor is labeled as “America’s #1 Brain Health Supplement”. Now that is ... Read More »

Phenibut Review

*I would like to start off by saying that this product was provided free of charge by Health Supplement Wholesalers. They carry a wide variety of different supplements.* Phenibut was on my list of products to try for awhile now. Mainly because I have a lot of anxiety and stress, and this product is suppose to help with this. I’ve ... Read More »

Noopept Review

I started taking noopept a couple weeks back and I feel that now that I can make an accurate assumption how this product worked for ME. Please, keep in mind that this review is MY experience and yours’ may be different. The funny thing about nootropics is that certain ones seems to effect people differently. If you are not familiar ... Read More »

Phenibut 101

Introduction Phenibut was developed back in the 1960’s in Russia¹.  It is a unique product and some will say that it is not technically a nootropic. It is primarily used for its calming effects rather than as a cognitive enhancer.   Though some claim that it does have cognition enhancing/nootropic effects. It is often used in “stacks” alongside other nootropics. How Does ... Read More »

Noopept 101

Introduction Noopept is a white powdery substance that is in a class of its own. Although it is very similar to racetam nootropics’, it is not technically a racetam.  It was first developed in Russia, where it was prescribed to protect brain neurons and to help improve cognitive function¹. How Does it Work Through research and studies it was found that ... Read More »

Alpha Brain Review Part 2

Well it has been about 30 days since I started to taking Alpha Brain. If you haven’t done so yet, I suggest starting and reading part 1 of this review first. My dosage was 2 capsules for the first 15 days, then I upped it to 4 capsules for the next 15 days. I will come right out and say ... Read More »