About Me

Hello and thanks for wanting to learn more about me and what I am trying to do. First off, I am not a doctor or physician and everything that I write about on this website is my own opinion and my own experiences. Your results may vary.

More About Me

I’m 30 years old, and I have always seemed to be a bit distracted when it came to buckling down and focusing on a task a hand(maybe A.D.D., I don’t know never been diagnosed). I’ve never been one to seek medical attention for my problems/disorders/conditions. My line of work requires me to be focused and attentive. Most importantly I need to be creativity and productive, thus I’ve sought out to find the best Nootropic to feed my brain.

I’ve always been interested in ethnobotanicals and how past civilizations always seem to thrive and get by without the influences of “western medicine”.

All of my reviews and experiences are based on at least 30 days of use and following the recommended dosages.

More about my reviews

I would like to take this time to tell you that all of the supplements that I review are paid for by myself out of pocket(unless otherwise noted). If a manufacturer/supplier contacts me to review/test their product, sure I will test it. But manufacturers know this, this does not guarantee a good review and I will let my readers know that their supplements were provided for review purposes.

With all my reviews I’ll try to establish some sort of baseline to base the results on. Whether that be from lumosity.com or from some kind of brain test app.

So follow me, and allow me to be a “human guinea pig” if you will, and learn what works and what doesn’t.

You work hard for your money so don’t fall victim to hype or marketing.

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