Huperzine A

Chinese Club Moss 2

Chinese Club Moss

We get Huperzine A from Chinese club moss. Though Huperzine A is derived from a plant it actually has some chemicals in it which is in result of the purifying and refining process.

It has been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese medicine practices for various aliments and illnesses.

Further studies and research have shown that Huperzine A is helpful with Alzheimer’s, and is a great product for learning and memory enhancements. ┬áIt has also been shown to help increase energy and alertness as well.


Though dosage can vary from person to person and depending on what you are taking it for the average dosage is somewhere between 30 mcg – 100 mcg twice daily. Follow the directions on your bottle, or better yet ask a qualified doctor or physician.

If pregnant or breast-feeding avoid use.
Use cautiously if you suffer from heart disease or Epilepsy.

Huperzine A is common component found in nootropics, but can also be taking on it own or used to create your own stack.

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